• Where is the facebook fanpage?

our facebook page is here

You can see photos and videos here.

  • Which charity am I raising money for ?

Prostate Cancer Research Centre

  • Where are the boxing gyms? 

COBRA GYM - Vauxhall Bridge Rd, Pimlico, London SW1V 1EL (closest station Victoria) 

DURRANTS GYM - 165 York Way, London N7 9LN (closest station Caledonian road) 

  • What is a fighter profile? 

Your unique ‘fighter profile’ is created by our graphic designer here at head office! The profile can be share to friends and family to help support you and raise money for the charity. The fighter profiles are posted on all event pages. If you want to check the previous profiles out on the facebook fanpage.

  • How are we matched up? 

Matchups are made by the coach a week before the fight based on weight and skill level. 

  • How do I get involved? 


  • Free training?

The entire training & promotion is FREE. We take a £50 deposit to confirm your commitment, which is refunded once the ticket target has been achieved. 

  • 20 tickets?

If you do not sell 20 tickets there will be no additional charges.

The participant will not receive back their £50 training deposit 

  • Tickets and tables

To attend, guests must purchase either an online ticket, hard copy ticket or reserve a table. If you would like to book any of our tables please email hello@thebigfightuk.co.uk 


For training, you require shorts, T-shirt, 16oz gloves, hand wraps, head guard & mouth guard. Footwear required for sessions in the studio (indoor shoes only). You can borrow 16oz gloves & head guard so don’t panic if you do not own these currently although we highly advise you get your own. 

  •  How heavy do my gloves need to be?

Gloves for training and fight night must weigh 16oz

  • What head guard should I purchase?

Head Guards must be open face, example below

Head guards

  • Protector Pads

All males must wear groin protector. Chest and Groin protector is optional for women

  • What do I need for fight night? 

On the night of your fight head guard and gloves are provided. If you wish to use your own they must be 16oz and ‘okayed’ by the coach and ref before the fights start. You must provide your own towel and mouth guard, water is provided however we recommend you bring your own bottle to. 

  • Who will corner me on the night? 

Either coach Jon, Amy, Dave or Duncan will corner you for the fight.  

  • Are there showers at the venue? 

Yes there are showers located back stage for participants at most venues such as Clapham grand. Please check with the event manager encase we are using a new venue 

  • How do I receive my charity T-shirt? 

By taking part, contestants pledge to try and raise a minimum of £50 via Prostate Cancer Research Centre Just Giving page. Once you have reached your £50 target you will receive your charity T-shirt. 

  • How much money goes to charity ?

All donations via the fundraising pages and on the night will go straight to the charity. So raise as much as possible!  

  • If I attend one gym can I attend both bonus sessions?  

Due to the high applicants we only allow boxers to attend bonus sessions at their chosen boxing gym. There are over 100 free bonus sessions within the 10 weeks to choose from! 

  • If I am away for some of the core sessions am I still able to take part? 

If you are new to boxing we recommend that you attend as many core sessions as possible. However missing a few will not stop you participating. Attend as many of the extra bonus classes as you can to catch up or to simply increase your skill level.  

  • Can I train at other gyms? 

If you wish to attend other gyms and train with  your own personal trainers that is fine! However we will need to see you at all sparring sessions and to attend as many core sessions as possible. This way we can match you up fairly.

 I am part of a corporate organisation or charity and want to have my own personal boxing event! 

Amazing! We have a great corporate package for organisations looking to have their own boxing event this can be with or without supporting a charity. 

If you are a charity who would like to raise money GET IN TOUCH. There are no expenses for the charity and all proceeds raised go to your cause.  

  • Upcoming Events? 

Please visit our home page for our most recent training dates and event dates 

  • Core training times? 

Please email hello@thebigfightuk.co.uk 


  • Do I need boxing insurance? 

No, however If you would like to take out boxing insurance, we recommend Sports Cover Direct.

  • How do I create my Just giving page?

Please click the link below to see how to set up your fundraising page

Fundraising Instructions