The Big Fight UK is a fight brand hosting amateur and professional boxing, kickboxing and mma bouts. Our popular ‘white collar’ series sees participants complete 10 weeks of training with a professional coach and compete in an amateur bout against an equally matched opponent! The events are open men and women of all fitness levels and experience.

Build Confidence – Increase Stamina – Challenge Yourself –


All fighters receive:

·       20 core group sessions & access to 99 other boxing and conditioning sessions

·       3x 2 minute round amateur fight against an equally matched opponent

·       Fighter interviews & videos, create a nickname & choose your entrance music

·       Photos, medals/trophies and more!




Andy Paterson: (Season 2)

“The Big Fight Season 2 was one of the hardest, yet rewarding, challenges I’ve ever faced. Over the 10 weeks I learnt a lot about myself and met some great friends along the way. The organisers were professional and supportive throughout the training and the event itself was a massive success. I’d recommend The Big Fight to everyone.”


Scott Carley: (Season 3 – ‘Fighter of the night’)

“For all the people looking to get involved… I say do it. For someone who has been to watch and take part in The Big Fight, it’s such a brilliant experience.”

“During the day and leading up to the fight I was so nervous and excited all at the same time but this was a good thing and it turned into a brilliant night for me. Because not only did I get a TKO win in the second round but I won fighter of the night. So that made the celebrating that night all the better. So all I say now is all the best and hopefully you don’t come up against me because I’ll be looking forward to win and regain fighter of the night.”


Hays Charity Boxing Event – March 15th Porchester Hall

Big Fight Newcastle – March 22nd Lancastrian Suite

Big Fight 12 – April 4th Clapham Grand

Big Fight 13 – June 6th Clapham Grand​